Thursday 5 July 2012

New shoes and a small craft project!

I meant to post this yesterday but I got caught up in a load of work sorry.

I brought some new shoes!

I've been looking for a pair of shoes like this for so long I'd given up hope entirely!

I wanted SCHOOL shoes like this and I could never find them.At least not that actually fitted me; I have really narrow feet which makes shoe shopping my own personal hell on earth.

Yesterday though I walked into Office and there they were; and they fit me!

They are comfy and they make me normal person height without being overly fancy so they are suitable for everyday wear! I'm probably going to swap out the laces for ribbon though just to make them a bit more me =]

Here's what I wore yesterday, it's a bit of a silly outfit because I wanted something that was nothing like work clothes! I did my hair in two French plaits just because I haven't worn them in ages and I think they're cute even though they make me look like a little girl.

What I'm wearing:
Black and white striped top: Primark, it was about 3 quid.
Lace Cardigan: Forever 21, I've featured it before
American Gods T-Shirt: I got it here, you can read what it says on that link too. One of my favourite passages from one of my favourite books by one of my favourite authors.
Black lace Skirt: The one I wear all the time; I just put the white skirt between the lace and the lining.
White Skirt with Lock and key print: H&M, I've featured it before here
Black Dance tights: I've had them since I did ballet when I was 11. It is laundry day so I only had these left!
Shoes: Office. 49.50.

A craft project:
A while ago I featured a pink and black skull print top in this post, where I explain why it is in fact only half a top. This craft project uses one of the left over pieces of fabric.

I had a bag of 100 brooch backs lying around and thought this would look cute with the top. I cut an oval from the fabric which contained a complete skull, it was actually the only small one intact! I used 2 layers of black felt as backing; I glued all of the layers together with PVA, but if I was going to do something like this again I would use superglue or something because it'd be stronger and the PVA took forever to dry. I added lace trim and a pink ribbon bow because I like the cameo effect.


  1. Those really are extremely cute school shoes! Is Office the brand, or just a shop you bought them from? :)

  2. Office is the shop, and the brand too in this case =]