Tuesday 24 July 2012

Summer is finally blooming...

It's been raining here seemingly forever, but the last couple of days the weather has finally improved =]

I, however don't cope well with the heat so I'm having to relax some of my standards of modesty a bit!

I feel practically naked dressed like this; but I wasn't planning to leave the house so I decided it was OK! I really like this dress; although normally I'd wear a longer skirt with it, and as someone who has studied human bone, the anatomical errors upset me a little (a pelvis that narrow = male)! Sorry about the ikky hair too; I didn't want to wash it tonight because I'm going swimming in the morning.

What I'm wearing:
Dress: Topshop sale, 10 quid
Tights: I have no idea where they are from because they were a present
Hair flowers: Claire's accessories about 2 quid each.


  1. I definitely love your dress! I don't cope with hot weather very well either :(

    1. Thank you =]
      Fortunately the weather has finally cooled down a little here now!