Monday 30 July 2012


This weekend I went to London and finally got to experience Slimelight.

I know I promised you all lots of photos, but I underestimated how difficult it would be to take pictures in a dark club with a smoke machine in every room, except the one with a BBQ in it!

My friend Gabby had a little more photo luck than me, so I can show you the cool tube train style bar in the cafe area:

I was lucky to go there on a night when all 3 rooms + cafe were open, although it was apparently a quiet night (seemed quite full to me; I dread to think what a busy night is like!)

In the main room (where the cages were) the music was a mix of EBM and some industrial stuff; catchy and fun to dance too even if I only have limited knowledge of most of the music!

On the top floor there was a room playing rave and electronica, which amazed me by having a ball pool! The urge to jump in and start impersonating Sheldon from Big Bang Theory was nigh on overwhelming! BAZINGA! Only my fear of what horrors could be lurking beneath the balls in a dimly lit club prevented me from doing this =P

On the ground floor there is a trad goth room; my spiritual home! At 4am I was twirling around the dance floor to Temple of Love, loving every minute of it. Also a tiny cinema and a cafe with BBQ, including veggie options which impressed me; although I didn't eat there this time.

I wore the outfit I posted here with my top hat, velvet jacket and home-made choker. If I wear this combination again I'll upload pictures.

I had a fantastic night and I'll definitely be up for going again if I have the chance. In fact it was almost worth how ill I am today. Note to self, if on a Friday you are coughing up a lung, going to London on Saturday and staying out until 5am is not a good plan; I've completely lost my voice today!


  1. 5 am, they were the days !!! We did well to make midnight on saturday...

    1. I was a little suprised I mangaed to stay awake! Leaving the club at 4.30 was 'leaving early' though; it's open until 7am! Midnight is far more respectable!

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