Tuesday 6 November 2012

Oh my, what delights have we here?

I've been looking on in envy at all of the wonderful halloween items available in the US this year, especially the wonderful skirts Bane at GIY made. Oh how I wanted some fabric that beautifully spooky!

I've caved in and brought some from Etsy;

This Nevermore fabric


This Ghouls Night Out fabric

There were some other pieces I really wanted, but with shipping costs on top I can't really justify spending so much money on fabric; I can't really afford the pieces I just brought even...

If I could afford it I would have brought this Tula Pink Coven fabric, which I absolutely adore, but would probably use for decor, not clothing (too colourful for me I think) and I don't have anywhere to decorate at the moment... It might be years before I have a house. This crows at the graveyard fabric which is also lovely, but I have a bag with a similar design already. I'd also like spiderwebs and these owls in an ideal world.

I can't wait until the fabric I did order arrives though! I'm not sure what I'm going to make with the fabric yet. I'm fairly proficient with a sewing machine but I've only made a few garments so I'm also worried that I'll ruin the expensive fabric. Maybe I should save it until I can afford a professional seamstress? What do you think?


  1. What an eerie coincidence; I'm making potholders this week out of the Nevermore fabric. Short of scorching it with the iron though, I don't see how a person with your sewing skills could ruin it! But it's such a beautiful fabric, you'll definitely want to take some time choosing what you'd like to make from it!

    1. Oh wow, great minds think alike eh? It is really lovely fabric.

      Haha...you've never seen me iron =P My mum actually banned me from doing the ironing at home. Admittedly it was because I burnt my fingers not the fabric, but still...

      It is going to be tough to choose. Time to go pattern shopping!

  2. Once you decide on your design/pattern, you could test it on a cheaper fabric of a similar weight before cutting your prize fabrics. Even in a really inexpensive fabric like broadcloth, the resulting garment could be used for layering, so it's not a waste. I made a "prototype" dress out of a black bedsheet, and it's perfect for wearing under lace dresses.

    I look forward to seeing what you make! :)

    1. Thank you, this is a really good idea. I'm lucky to have a good fabric market near me so I should be able to find some suitable weight fabric in plain black (they just don't stock halloween-y fabric except costume satiny stuff, because halloween isn't as big here in Britain).

      It might be a while before I have a finished garment to show; my sewing machine really needs servicing!

  3. That was a very clever tip from Bane! I have also got bery inspired by her skirts. I'm tempted to sew more printed skirts :)