Wednesday 22 August 2012

Identity theft?

I was going to blog today but I've discovered that my blog is getting hits from an adult dating site... a very much not safe for work site...with 'sex pic of the day' and other such features!
I need to investigate but I suspect that someone is impersonating me or using my pictures!
I'm pretty upset because this is the sort of thing I never want to be associated with, and could possibly be damaging to my future and career.

Instead of blogging today I'm going to go through all my pictures and watermark them as a security measure.
I'll also probably organise some other things like my post labels whilst I'm going through my posts.

To be honest I'm a little at a loss as to why anyone would want to pretend to be me on a dating site, then link to a blog where I have pictures with my boyfriend....
I'm also befuddled as to why anyone would think pretending to be me would be a good way to attract people on the internet...

Sorry for this guys. I'll be back by the end of the week, with a pleasant suprise for you all =]


  1. That sounds so awful. Ive been thinking the same myself. I've seen peoples blogs being copied of almost everything or diy posts stolen. A friend of mine was determined to date a girl from the eastern parts of russia but I was quite sure it was a fraud. I tried to tell him that the pictures of the girl and her family could be stolen from anywhere on the internet. It was a fraud. Hope you will solve this soon.

    1. Oh no, did your friend find out if the girl was real or not? I hope I've solved it now!