Friday 18 January 2013

Goth blog challenge: Corsets or no?

I'm answering another Goth blog challenge because I've started late and this is already the 3rd week of January.

Once again I used a random number generator to decide what to answer next:

28. Corsets or no?

Hell Yeah! 

I love corsets. 

I think they are beautiful and I love how they give me extra back support when I'm dancing the night away!

Here's a silly picture of me in my black and white pleather under-bust corset. The hat belongs to a guy I know called Rory, his name is Chester the Trilby lol!

These pictures were taken on my friend Beth's birthday a couple of years ago, I picked them because they show how much I like dancing in a corset!

Yup I was quite tipsy. You can tell by the colour of my face - I only go pink when I drink =P
I dance in the exact same way sober though, because if I close my eyes I don't have to see people stare at my idiocy!

Thanks to Meera for the pictures =]

Do you like corsets? If not, why not?


  1. Oh, yes, definitely, but not for all - day - long wear. After a while, they just become uncomfortable, and I feel unnatural wearing them. But for occasions, parties, or photoshoots, I love corsets! ;)

    1. They do get uncomfortable after a long time wearing them, especially if I eat a meal! Then I feel like my organs are really trying to re-arrange themselves! Even though I have a 25" waist and wear 22" corsets with at least an inch gap at the back, so i'm hardly squashing myself at all!