Sunday 6 January 2013

Roses, Lace and Pearls

This is just a quick outfit post I'm afraid because I've been really busy this week writing abstracts for conference papers (deadline is tomorrow and I've already sent them off =]) and trying to get a head start on the next chapter of my thesis (not going so well).

This is what I wore yesterday:

(sorry the watermark on the detail picture is in a stupid place; I'm sure I put it in the corner... still not used to this new editing malarkey)

What I'm wearing:
Jumper : From a discount clothes store for £10; I've spent all autumn and winter trying to find a black cable knit jumper without any 'stuff' on it; I didn't want spiked shoulders or a 'trendy' skull (anyone else feel like they can't wear skulls at the moment because they are so fashionable?) I finally found this jumper just before we went to Cardiff.
Collar: New Look £4.99. Likewise I couldn't find a detachable collar I liked in black (they all had sequins on them!) but I thought this white one was cute and I don't mind the pearls.
Ankh necklace: From Oasis Markets (alternative indoor market) in Birmingham.
Skirts: Top one is from River Island via a swap shop, bottom one is my beloved Lace Skirt from New Look.
Leggings: New Look £5 in the sale on Tuesday. I don't like leggings (too many bad childhood memories) but I have to admit they are comfy and there are a lot of nice designs out there at the moment! So this is my 3rd pair this year!

I brought the leggings because I've been wanting to buy some cool tights but I couldn't really afford any of the ones I really liked, like these Pamela Mann ones which look quite similar. Although I would say that Pamela Mann tights are worth the money; I've been given a couple of pairs as presents in the past and they are really good quality; even I haven't managed to get holes in them, my budget is a bit tight right now!

Ash thought I looked a bit like a nun in this outfit =P

I however was a bit worried that I looked... trendy? Have I been seduced by mainstream fashion this season? After all everything I'm wearing can be found on the high street. What do you guys think?


  1. I wouldn't say you looked like a nun or trendy. More like Wednesday Addams. Nothing at all about this strikes me as trendy, but I pay so little attention to mainstream fashion that my endorsement doesn't mean much.

    1. Yay! Wednesday Addams is pretty much the best compliment you could have given me! Thank you so much =]

      I try not to pay attention to mainstream fashion either, but the whole nu goth thing is getting so big...

  2. No, you don't look like a nun at all! You look... yeah, well, I guess "trendy" is the right word for that :D but I really, really like this style - actually I tried on a very similar dress a few days ago - and I think the Wednesday Addams look is awesome <3 plus it looks very good on you. That Peter Pan collar is lovely and so is the bow on your had, also I love the tights *_* nice outfit, really <3

    1. Oh well, I guess all have to be accidentally fashionable sometimes =P
      Thank you m'dear! Yay, maybe I can grow up to be Wednesday after all =]

  3. The leggins are great! ;)