Thursday 31 January 2013

Goth blog challenge: My first concert/festival

It's time for another goth blog challenge =]

17. My first concert/festival

This topic is a little embarrassing for me considering that the first gig I went to was a very long time ago and was for a band that's as far from Goth as possible!

When I was 14, I went to see Simple Plan at the Birmingham Academy. A lot of my friends from school were going and it was the first time my mum agreed to let me go to a gig, probably because they were such a tame band =P I didn't die at the gig and so my mum let me go to most gigs I wanted after that (as long as I brought my own tickets!), she did refuse to let me see a few bands though that she thought were too dangerous; including Lordi, Marilyn Manson, Slipknot and Rammstein!

Between the ages of 14-17 I went to a lot of gigs at the Birmingham Academy, I even went to see bands I didn't really like because I loved the atmosphere so much.

I was the girl at the front on the barrier every week, covered in bruises and drenched in someone else's beer! It was wonderful. I even had a secret handshake with the security guards; they used to bring me extra water!

I was going to post photographic proof, from my old myspace, but myspace has gone all new and deleted all the old content =[ =[

Despite this I didn't see any Goth bands, very few played locally and if they did no one else wanted to go (and I wasn't allowed to go on my own).

When I was 19 I went to my first festival, T in the Park. Which was amazing; I saw Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds and the last ever performance in Scotland by Nine Inch Nails. Sonisphere got the last ever ever gig, but we got the better set-list apparently =P

The first Goth specific festival I went to was Midlands Goth Festival, you can read about that in this post.

I still harbor dreams of visiting Whitby Goth Weekend one year or maybe even Wave Goth Treffen and of course seeing as many of the Goth bands I love as I can; although of course it's not possible to see them all because many some of my heroes are dead =[

I'm off to mourn the loss of teenage memories, I should have saved another copy of those photos somewhere...


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