Saturday 26 January 2013

Inspiring Blogger Award

I got nominated for an inspiring blogger award by Laura Morrigan and Ray X! Thank you so much m'dears I'm really flattered and happy!

So here are 5 odd facts about me:

1. My boyfriend is technically only 6 years old. His birthday is the 29th Feb so he only gets a birthday once every 4 years! I'm so totally a cradle snatcher...

2. I'm terrified of blood and needles but still want to get a tattoo. Might also get another set of holes punched through my ears today (I ran away from the piercing lady last time and had to be held still, but now I know it doesn't hurt at all so I should be OK? I hope... My fear is irrational)

3. I'm currently living in the best sort of madhouse. Ash's sister has come to stay with her 5 kids. For someone who grew up as an only child (my brother always lived with his mum) this is a chock to the system, but a fun shock!

4. My balance completely sucks. I'm dsypraxic, so despite being really careful not to fall down on the ice this week, I managed to fall down the stairs instead, whilst carrying Shelby who is nearly 3. She's totally fine. I have a back that is all the colours of the rainbow =P

5. I can type whilst wearing mittens. My office is so cold that this is a totally necessary life skill at the moment. The temperature of my office also explains the total lack of Goth in the Office pictures during the winter. I wear thermals, 3 pairs of socks, jeans, jumpers and a fleece blanket at work.

I don't know how many people I'm supposed to tag or who has already received this award, so anyone who comments on this post is getting tagged up!


Heike of Rising up to Hell
Pixel Pixie of Cuz I Said Sew
Chris Hewson of Not This Time, Nayland Smith
Linnea-Maria of Linnea pa landet


  1. You can type wearing mittens?! That's impressive!

    What's 'dyspraxic'?

    1. Thanks! I'm quite proud of it.

      It means I have dsypraxia and made a typo =P (corrected now)


    2. Also which of your 3 blogs would you like me to tag?

    3. Not This Time, Nayland Smith. It's my main blog.

  2. Why is it soo cold at your work? :(

    hope you won't get sick there :)

    1. It's an office attached to a warehouse, so some of the walls are metal, the windows are single glazed and there is no central heating, We have one electric heater.

      I have been getting sick a lot this winter, so I'm looking for a new job.

  3. 2) If you're terrified of needles, but still want a tattoo, you might want to consider getting one on the back of your shoulder. That way, you won't be able to watch the process, and it's a pretty muscled area, so it doesn't hurt so much. I have tattoos on the back of both my shoulders, as well as on both actual shoulders, and one on my stomach. The only one that really was an issue was the one on my stomach, and that was because I had to hold my breath while she inked me. As for piercings, I have thirteen. Helix piercings (upper ear) don't hurt that much. It was more the tugging of pulling the jewelry through felt kind of weird.

    5) I thought it was impressive that I could type while wearing gloves, but mittens! That's quite a skill. My cold job was so cold that i'd wear a sweatshirt, a fleece jacket, gloves, and drink herbal tea all day, and I would still be cold. My new job isn't as bad, but there are still days I want to break out the gloves.

    1. 2. That's exactly where I want my tattoos =] I want a sort of matching pair on the back of each shoulder.
      One day I'll share the designs (one day being the day my artist friend re-draws them for me).

      5. That's pretty much me, except its hot chocolate not herbal tea at the moment.

  4. Ha ha! I love fact 1! Have you ever seen the gilbert and Sullivan operetta The Pirates of Penzance, the guy was indentured until his 21st birthday but he was born in leap year, so technically he had to work for them until he was old!

    I have really bad balance too! I spent my childhood falling down an average of once a day, and I think I may have actually damaged one of my knees a little bit, as it hurts sometimes. I also get vertigo really easy, like even spinning around in a circle once.

    Good job typing in gloves! Indeed it is a useful skill! I long for the cold right now, but I seem to feel both the heat and cold very intensely. Worst of both worlds. I can very slowly type and control the fingermousepad on my laptop with my right big toe, but it takes WAAAAY more effort than just using my hands. I have only done it twice, once when it was too cold to come out of my blanket, the other when my bird was holding both my hands :P

    1. Haha! I've never seen Pirates of Penzance but I will go and see it next time the uni Gilbert and Sullivan society do it now!

      Oh no, I hope you knee isn't damaged permanently. Your lack of balance sounds like you might be dsypraxic too, if only mildly.

      Wow, toe typing! Useful skill for when Isambard has your hands indeed.

  5. I think it's horrible that you have to work in a cold office. Office workers are mostly still and therefore need a warmed up working space. It's not needed for those who work in the warehouse as they move around much. Hope they will change that or that you'll find a new job.

    1. I think the people in the warehouse are a great deal colder than me. They have no heating at all! I think it's about the same temperature in there as outside!

      I do feel the cold very much sitting still though! I hope I find a new job too. They can't afford to change the heating in the office.