Wednesday 27 June 2012

Goth in the Office. Phase 1. Outfit 2.

I'm feeling a little better today although I am very tired.

I managed to take a non-blurry picture today too. I decided it was better to wait until after work when I'd have more time to arrange the picture.

I didn't actually wear this cardigan to the office but it was too warm to keep my blazer (the one I wore yesterday) on by the time I got home so I swapped it. I think it would have been a little too casual for the office without the blazer.

I actually had a slight wardrobe crisis this morning when I realised I hadn't ironed the blouse I wanted to wear! So this is what I threw together in 5 mins before I got on the bus. I thought that the dress was a little short for work so I put another skirt underneath and hoped for the best!

What I'm wearing:
Cardigan: New Look sale, 3 quid.
Dress: Local cheap shop. I got it for a tenner.
Lace Skirt: My old trusty New Look one you've all seen many time!
Tights: I'm not actually sure where these are from, I think they were a present.
Necklace: Present from Ashley 2 years ago.

I'm off to iron my blouse to avoid another disaster tomorrow!

Is everyone as disorganised as me or do you plan outfits in advance to save time (and panic) in the morning?


  1. I plan my outfits on Sunday so I don't stress every morning when I get ready for work. I do work rather early and in an office too.
    But, somehow, I always end up wearing something completely different from what I had planed. Depends on my mood, weather, level of comfort I'm willing to sacrifice that day depending on how much sleep I got.

    So planning outfits in general, knowing what goes together and is suitable for office wear is much more efficient than planning exactly what I'll wear the next day I guess. I should take my own advice and try that instead. :P

  2. Planning all my outfits on a Sunday sounds like a really good idea, I should take your advice too =]

    I'll have to plan 8 outfits instead of 4 though; to allow for weather uncertainty!