Saturday 30 June 2012


I was going to post yesterday with something cool but I got distracted by the adorable kittens I'm looking after for my friend while she is on holiday.

They don't like me typing because it makes the light glint off my ring so they come chew my fingers with their tiny sharp teeth.

I'm typing this post in small sections when they fall asleep!

In fact photographing them is pretty difficult too! It's hard to take a picture when a kitten is playing with the strap on the camera!

Any time I get up one of them steals my warm seat too, making it hard to get to the laptop!

But they are so damn cute and so endlessly entertaining that I don't mind =]

I hope you are all having a good weekend and I will try to do some real blogging tomorrow night!


  1. Your kitty looks (a little bit) like my kitty. T'is strange.

  2. I wish they were my kittens! I'm just cat sitting for a friend. You are really lucky to have such a cute kitty!

  3. Cute and evil describes most cats. :)