Sunday 17 June 2012

Musical skeletons...

No, not the amazing dancing ones from this Disney cartoon:

Although I do love them, I even have dancing skeleton PJs which glow in the dark.

I'm talking about the skeletons in my musical closet!

Most people have a few (or many) guilty pleasures and mine are mostly pop-punk, nu-metal and indie bands that I grew up with, I'm a 90s kid, so when I was getting into music that stuff was all the rage and I love a lot of it because it reminds me of my misspent youth =P. Happy memories of hanging out with friends, going to gigs and getting drunk in the park =P. I didn't have any goth friends, so until I was old enough to go to clubs I had to listen to Bauhaus alone in my room!

Last night I went to see Blink 182. I finally got to make good on the promise I made to the 14 year old me, who cried in her room all night when her mum wouldn't let her go to the show because it was a school night!

It was a really great show and the set-list couldn't have been more perfect.

Although I go by Phoenix online and have done for many years (usually as Flightless Phoenix on message boards etc), that is of course (sadly) not my real name. My real name is Josephine and although Phoenix was a nick-name for a while (some kids used to call me Fina or Finie which turned into Phoenix), these days in the real world everyone just calls me Josie because I never could stand Josephine or Jo.

They played my song!!!!!!

This video is actually from a show they played last week, but there's no footage up from last night yet and I was jumping around and dancing too much to film it myself!

I had a great night  =] Almost worth the 8 year wait!

So today this is me embracing my questionable taste in music as a teenager:

What I'm wearing:
Velvet jacket: Vintage, Christmas present
T-shirt: a fiver from a dodgy merch guy outside the show (I can't afford official merch at the moment =[ and they didn't have a girls shirt I liked)
Lace skirt: New Look, many and many a year ago
Necklace: It's just a white ribbon and a heart charm I got free with some others I brought
I also wore: Grey cable knit tights and my star converse (see this post here)

Do you have any guilty musical pleasures?

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  1. Sounds like you had an amazing time at the gig! My friend used to play Blink 182 in her car and their early stuff still reminds me of singing along to Enema of the State with her whilst driving through the Lake District in 2000.
    I think music that is the soundtrack of your life is excused from any guilt and judgement.
    Glad you enjoyed it and it was worth the wait :-)