Wednesday 6 June 2012

A late start to Red and Black week

Hi everyone, I'm really sorry I've been away so long.

I'm having some fairly big technical issues at the moment... I'm not sure when they'll be resolved because I have no money for computer repairs.

I'm going to borrow a friend's computer and do proper posts on Friday (expect MANY outfit pictures) and Saturday (hopefully a tour of my red and black bedroom!) but for today and tomorrow, you'll have to excuse me for poor posts. Luckily I have some suitable photos on my photo-bucket, so I can post this from a computer at uni =]

I like the colour combination of red and black; I wear it fairly frequently but because until starting this blog I never really took pictures of myself, this is the only red and black outfit I can find:


This was my Halloween costume a few years ago =] I really like the red winged make-up, I should do that more often! I still have that top and it'll be making a brief appearance in Friday's post. The wings have been on my wall for a couple of years. This was the night I discovered that they were really too fragile for wearing out and about! I had to carefully glue most of the feathers back on!

Tomorrow I'll be posting some pictures of my dramatic past, from a red and black themed play I was in, which I hope you'll like.

Now I'm off to read everyone else's Red and Black posts and go green with envy; which will make me clash with my dress!


  1. I love those black wings! I'll put them up on my must have /wish list :). Did you bought them in a costume store?

  2. You are so adorable!!! Thank you for joining in Red & Black Week. I absolutely love that blouse.

  3. I got my wings in at a local alternative market, but I'm sure you can get similar ones in costume shops; maybe at halloween?

    Thanks VictorianKitty =]